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Whether your estate is large or small, you should designate someone to manage your assets and make decisions regarding your financial affairs, personal care, and medical treatment in the event you are unable to do so yourself.  If you fail to plan ahead, a Judge will appoint someone to handle matters for you.

If you have a small estate, your plan should focus on who should manage the estate, who will pay your last debts, and who will receive your assets after your death.

If you have a large estate you should consider the various ways of preserving your assets for your heirs and how to reduce or postpone the amount of estate tax which might otherwise be payable by your estate. 

If you are a parent or a caretaker of a minor, you should designate someone to care for that child in the event of an emergency.  You should also anticipate the child’s financial needs and implement provisions for future payment of the child’s expenses such as education, medical needs, and the cost of living.

If you are retired or considering retirement you should make sure your financial plan and estate plan are working together to protect your investments and hard earned savings from potential liabilities such as long-term care expenses.  Baby Boomers should also know how estate planning can guard against losing assets in the event a second marriage doesn't work out.

If you are a Business Owner or a Professional, it is important that you have a comprehensive estate plan to provide income for your family, to effectively transition the business to the next generation, or to sell the business to a third party buyer after your death.

If you are a Personal Representative or Trustee, you must fulfill your fiduciary duties and proceed by the most effective and cost efficient means to administer the estate so the heirs can receive their shares as soon as possible.  If you have a contested estate, we can represent you through all parts of the probate litigation. 

If you are the adult child or caretaker of an elderly person, you may be dealing with siblings or other family members who criticize your work and do not share in caring for the family member.  If you are a Guardian, Conservator or Agent under a power of attorney, you must remember your role as a fiduciary and must act at all times in the best interests of the principal or protected person.